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About Us

Welcome to the mask world: AngelaMask!

All start from a gift from a foreign friend, Angela. I liked it very much and it meant a lot to me. It was a mask, Japanese traditional one with the unblemished face and florid lips, simple but delicate. Unfortunately, I lost it when moving a year ago. I knew I have to get a new one to fill the blank. I Googled the word “mask” and it just unveiled a vivid world for me.

There are many kinds of mask in the world which represent different cultures. We have superhero masks to celebrate pop culture; we have Venice carnival masks to demonstrate real life in the performing art; we also have African wood masks to accommodate souls of the past… Of course, many results related to women’s beloved face mask!

I browsed lots of websites and found my mask in an online store at last. Not only did the mask fill in the blank of my life, but also it tapped into my interest in mask culture. And I do want that everyone has the easy way to get his/her masks when he/she needs. That’s why I launched the website to share my discovery. I collaborate with the manufactures and craftsmen all over the world, meeting some in person and skyping with some by the internet, to build a marketplace where different mask cultures can meet and communicate.  

This is a store where you can purchase what you need to express yourself in the big moment, Cosplay, Costume party or Halloween Eve. Whenever you need a mask, I am here to support you.

From a gift to an online store, the story still goes. I hope it would be an online community someday. People share cool mask ideas, exotic mask arts, and delicate mask crafts. To make it happen, I need your support. You can always reach out to me if you have any ideas about either the business or the community. It will help.